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EFQM Provides

EFQM Consulting helps organisations perform better by creating data-driven insights backed up by organisational experts, to fit your priorities, your purpose, and your people.


Courses to improve performance, deliver change and manage transformation

Find out more. EFQM is one source to learn about requirements, compliance, and auditing for ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 13485, and more…

Management System Certification

Intelligence and best-practice to improve and transform your organisation

Find out more. The companies, irrespective to their size, type or nature seek a system that maximizes profitability and quality. Management system certification.

Finance and Tax Consulting

Backed by up-to-date technical expertise, knowledge and experience of what makes SMEs tick, we seek to empower our clients by providing the relevant, cutting-edge information needed to make decisions that are critical to their business success.

How we do it?


If you’re a business with vision and ambition, we are here to help you add perfection to your dream investment. Nested in the capital city of United Arab Emirates, our award winning team of advisers will get in to the skin of your business and determine what success means to you. It’s all about hands-on, proactive support that turns businesses into success stories. It just takes one great conversation to get the ball rolling in the right direction, so why not get in touch with us? Why not try a hand with the hand-holding team with a name? Let’s create your stories together, vibrant and dynamic.


Organisations throughout the Middle East have benefited from our unique mystery shopping, customer experience and happiness surveys utilizing our best-in-class Research for employee feedback monitoring


    Our tailored training, in both English & Arabic, delivers in-depth learning across our entire service range. Typical course content covers ISO/CXM. Customer journey mapping, employee happiness and ISO auditing.


      Our consultancy services together with our journey mapping software Mapovate enable clients to dramatically improve their customer experience and employee happiness. 


        Just creating great products is no longer enough. Service excellence is what drives business growth. We help our clients deliver world class service excellence through customer experience measurement, analysis and improvement.


        The companies, irrespective to their size, type or nature seek a system that maximizes profitability and quality. Management system certification helps the businesses to sustainably grow and critically develop. For overall development and continual improvement, get certified with ISO Certification Standards.


        EFQM is very supportive and shows exceptional dedication to this company. Their support and ability to understand our needs and the amount of effort they have put into work directly impacted us.

        Dr. Jamal AlMansouri


        We aim to provide practical and meaningful services to our clients that can help grow their business. If you are looking for a consultant UAE to help you achieve your goal, or need assistance with negotiating pricing arrangements, we have got your back!