EFQM Leadership

Our Leadership

EFQM is run by the effective leasership, for the customrs. In addition to the EFQM Management Team based in UAE, a Board of Directors oversees EFQM’s operations. It is supported by a Strategy Committee, a Finance and Audit Committee and a Nomination and HR Committee.

The EFQM BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ role is to ensure that EFQM’s strategy and its implementation are aligned with the mission of the Foundation, taking into account the views and expectations of all stakeholder groups. It also strives to maximise the added-value for members and to secure EFQM’s sustainable financial independence. The Board of Directors consists of the CEOs or senior executives of EFQM members. Directors are elected for a two-year period. They elect one of them to Chair the Board.


The FINANCE AND AUDIT COMMITTEE meets at least twice a year and assists the Board of Directors on all financial matters. This includes budgeting and review of financial statements which are audited annually 


The NOMINATION AND HUMAN RESOURCES COMMITTEE assist the Board of Directors for the nomination and remuneration of EFQM’s CEO. It meets on an as needed basis. It also assists the CEO on key HR issues if requested.

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